“Look, people often say: it [the nose prosthesis] is barely visibly, and I agree. I also have nice pictures, that picture over there and I have another one right there, close up, you don’t see [it’s a prosthesis]. But in my head I’m worked up about it, constantly, I would never go sit in the tram or the metro. (…) I mean, I hardly go out to the streets anymore. It’s really err, I’m really grateful that I’m still alive, or what I want to say, that I’m still breathing. But I don’t have a real life anymore”.

Robin is wearing a nose prosthesis, after having lost his nose due to cancer and its treatment. He was interviewed for our study on how people experience and deal with facial prostheses (or epitheses).

Picture: Mark Gilbert, Chris P. (II) (1999). Image part of the art project Saving Faces.